Shirley Hills

Remain Message Series


 Part 2| Remain | July 8 - July 29

“This summer at “The Hills,” two message series will make up our summer study together. We will hear the voices of minor prophets, reminding us that God is faithful even when we are unfaithful to him and he calls us continually to “return” to find his grace and mercy. Once we come back him, we can then hear the voice of Jesus in John 15, calling us to “remain,” to abide in him as branches of the vine, bearing fruit as we grow in him. From the prophets who declare that there is “no fruit on the vines” when we are out of fellowship with God to Jesus who declares that we will bear the fruit of the vine as we abide in him, let us all as Gods people learn to “Return and Remain.”

Week 2

Remain | Week 2 | 7/15/18 | John 15:9-11

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Week 1

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Remain | Week 1| 7/8/18/ | John 15:1-8

Pastor Jacob Kicks Off the Part 2 of Our Summer Series with Remain "The Fruit of a Faithful Life" and John 15

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