Shirley Hills




Our preschool (from newborn through Kindergarten) provides an environment that ensures every child is...

  • Loved (John 3:16)

  • Safe (Matt 18:2-6)

  • Taught (Deut. 6:6-7)

  • Welcomed (Mark 10:14)

Our preschool building boasts nearly 7000 square feet of space specifically renovated for our smallest church attenders. Our workers abide by our church’s child protection policy, including background checks.

Sunday School

Our goal in the earliest years of children’s lives is to assist parents in teaching them that God created each one of them and God loves each one of them. We do this by teaching them foundational Bible stories that speak of His love and by showing them this love at every turn. Our Sunday School department is designed with the highest-quality standards available and we train our volunteer leaders on a regular basis.

Junior Church

Our preschool children also take part in a weekly large-group worship experience designed with their age-specific needs in mind.  Using songs that let them wiggle and puppets that make them laugh, we teach the great truth of God’s love as expressed in the Bible.

Missions Activities

Wednesday evenings at 6 pm, our “Mission Friends” meet separately to discuss how important it is to tell others about Jesus. We have classes for 3s, Pre-K (4s), and Kindergarten.