Shirley Hills

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Return | Part 1 | June 3 - July 29

“This summer at “The Hills,” two message series will make up our summer study together. We will hear the voices of minor prophets, reminding us that God is faithful even when we are unfaithful to him and he calls us continually to “return” to find his grace and mercy....


Finished. | April 1 - May 27

“It is finished” is one of Christ’s last recorded statements from the cross before his death. However, it is far from the last thing he said while on earth, for he was raised again to life and had much to say to those who were witnesses...


What Jesus did for me. | 3/25/18 | Palm Sunday

Jacob Green shares a Palm Sunday message from Matthew 26-27 on the events leading up to teh crucifixion of Christ, reminding us of "What Jesus Did For Me.".