Shirley Hills

"Membership Matters" Series


August 5 - September 2

We’ve probably all heard the popular slogan of a credit card company, “membership has its privileges.” Church membership on the other hand is less about privilege and a lot more about responsibility. It calls us to be committed to something outside of ourselves, bigger than ourselves; it calls us to grow more deeply in relationship with Christ and with other disciples; it calls us to radical acts of service; it

calls us to be on mission for God, both individually and corporately; it calls us to share the love and joy of Christ together as we complete his task.  All that responsibility can seem daunting, but the greatest privilege in the world to be called God’s children and to be on mission as His people. In spite of her flaws and frailties, the church is at the very heart of Jesus and his one and only plan for the spread of the gospel and growth of the kingdom in the world. That is why we truly believe “membership matters.”

Week 2

Membership Matters | Week 2 | 8/12/18

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Pastor Jacob Green continues week 2 of "Membership Matters" discussing "My Community - My People"

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Week 1

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Membership Matters | Week 1| 8/5/18 

Pastor Jacob launches us straight to our new series on why "Membership Matters" Week 1 | "Church Membership - Our Partnership" | Eph 4:11-16

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