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Kids @ The Hills

Everything Kids @ the Hills offers has been crafted with a purpose. We considered the research, conducted the surveys, attended the conferences, and read the books. They all paint a clear picture of what this generation of kids really wants. They want it all!

This overwhelming desire for everything guides our ministry design because it is our desire to partner with parents to make a true impact on the next generation, your children. To accomplish this each Sunday:

  • We have developed a strategy that focuses the wonder, excitement, and passion of children toward a clear path that will lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • We have specific safety and security measures to help parents feel comfortable as they participate in worship and discipleship at Shirley Hills. These measures include background checks for workers as well as a paid police officer and roving safety team on our campus each week.


The Loft

The Loft is a unique facility designed for the Kids @ the Hills. The classic chapel building features beautiful wood ceilings, exposed brick, and trendy iron pipe light fixtures. Truthfully, the indestructible industrial features make it the perfect place to let kids run a little wild. It was all built to dodgeball standards but contains all the technology of a modern worship environment. It is a space that your kids will find outrageously fun and spiritually fulfilling.

Each programming element that we selected for the Kids at the Hills has a specific purpose and we hope you will take advantage of each opportunity to engage with other kids and families on the journey of faith.


Sunday Mornings


9:00-10:15am | Children's Building & Loft


10:20 – 11:45am | Children's Building & Loft

Wednesday Nights


6:00 – 7:30pm | Children's Building & Loft

(RA’s, Royal Ambassadors, for boys and GA’s’, Girls in Action, for girls)