Shirley Hills

"Hope" Series


December 9 - December 23

Hope seems to be something of a missing ingredient today. In its place we find an abundance of pessimism, cynicism, anger, and despair, leaving us to wonder if there truly is hope to be found and experienced in our lives and for our world. Still, the story of Christmas quietly reminds us that hope is less of a thing to desperately chase and more of a person to be trusted with all the moments of our lives. Jesus was the hope that had been prophesied, the hope that was promised, and the hope that was personified as God became man so man could again know God. It is in remembering his story, singing his songs, and rejoicing in his promises that brings us what this world cannot offer – a true and lasting hope.

Week 3

Hope | Week 3 | 12/23/18

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Pastor Jacob Green wraps up "Hope" with "Hope Personified"

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Week 2

Hope | Week 2 | 12/16/18

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Pastor Jacob Green continues the Hope series with "Hope Promised: Joseph"

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Week 1

Hope | Week 1 | 12/9/18 

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Shirley Hills kicks off our Christmas series this week with "Hope" Week 1.

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