Shirley Hills

Forward Series


October 28 - December 2

The story of Abraham in Genesis is a well-known account of a life marked by faith. There were ups and downs, victories and failures along the way; but it was a life called by God away from the old and forward to all that he had prepared for Abraham to be and do. That same call comes to us today- to step out in faith, to embrace the call of God for us, and to move toward the goal ahead. Join us during these weeks as Pastor Jacob leads us in a study of Abraham’s life and a vision for SHBC as we in faith move “forward.”

Week 3

Forward | Week 3 | 11/11/18

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Forward | Week 3 | "Prioritize Me"

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Week 2

Forward | Week 2 | 11/4/18

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Pastor Jacob Green delivers a powerful message in the series "Forward: The Future of Shirley Hills" and what it means to "Trust God."

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Week 1

Forward | Week 1 | 10/28/18 

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Pastor Jacob Green kicks off a new sermon series "Forward: The Future of Shirley Hills"

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