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SHBC Committee Interest Survey


SHBC Committee Interest Survey

Committees are an important part of the work of ministry at SHBC, but their effectiveness is dependent on the involvement and commitment of our church members to serve the church in these roles. If you are interested in being a part of a committee at SHBC, we hope you will read the information below, pray over your participation in this vital ministry, and fill out the form below. Should you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to call the church office or email us at:

Information on committees from SHBC Constitution and By-Laws:

The membership of all church committees shall be composed of active members of Shirley Hills Baptist Church. All committee members shall have been active members of the church for at least one year on the date they start service on the committee. Ideally, the membership of each committee shall represent a cross-section of the church and be familiar with the programs of the church.

The members of all standing committees shall serve a three-year term unless elected to fill an uncompleted term. Membership shall be on a rotating basis with one-third of the committee rotating off each year. Any member rotating off shall be required to remain off the committee for one year before being eligible for re-election. However, she/he is eligible to serve on a different committee immediately. Anyone elected to fill an uncompleted term of less than one year shall be eligible to be elected to a full three-year term.

No person may serve on more than one standing committee at the same time. Ministerial and other paid staff members of Shirley Hills Baptist Church may not serve on committees except in an ex-officio status.

Current Standing Committees of SHBC:

Church Admin Council - Controls, acquires, and supervises the physical property, both real and personal, of the church.

Decorations Committee - Responsible for the decorating needs of the church.

Finance Committee - Supervises expenditure of all funds of the church. Develops, recommends, and promotes and overall stewardship information plan for the church.

Hospitality Committee - Assists the church in preparing for church-wide events to promote the fellowship of the church.

House and Grounds Committee - Maintains and oversees upkeep of all church-owned buildings, equipment, and grounds.

Leadership Search Committee - Coordinates the staffing of all church-elected leadership positions including church officers, program directors, and committee members.

Lord’s Supper Committee - Assists the pastoral staff in preparing the ordinance and works behind the scenes to ensure the smoothness and dignity of that ordinance.

Missions Committee - Responsible for researching, planning, and promoting mission trips for SHBC adults.

Money Counting Committee - Receives, counts, and deposits all monies received through Sunday offerings.

Personnel Committee - Assists the church in all matters related to human resources policies, including staff needs, employment, salaries, benefits, and personnel services. The committee is to be familiar with all federal and state personnel regulations.

Wedding Committee - Ensures all weddings held at the church follow church policies. This committee is to help the church to be wedding-friendly while protecting the sanctuary and decorum of the church.

Women’s Ministry Committee - Promotes all aspects of women’s ministry at SHBC. This committee helps the church minister to women of all ages and all interests.

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