Shirley Hills

Bearing Fruit Series


Jan 6 - Feb 3

New year’s resolutions are always popular this time of year. Less eating, more exercise, less TV, more reading, less work, more family are all popular things to pledge our commitment to in the new year. While all these are good, sometimes the one thing we miss is that our relationship with Jesus should be the primary means for evaluating last year and setting goals for this year. We are called above all things to grow as the people of God, rooted deeply in the Word and bearing the fruit of the Spirit in our lives to the glory of God. If SHBC committed together to “bearing fruit,” we would - more than ever before – truly be able to see God’s glory and see what happens when his people grow.



Week 2

Bearing Fruit | Week 2 | 1/13/19

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Pastor Jacob Green continues walking us through what it means to "Bear Fruit"

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Week 1

Bearing Fruit | Week 1 | 1/6/19

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Pastor Jacob Kicks off "Bear Fruit" Series with the the Fruit of Sanctification.

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